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         Made in the Country

Quality handmade rustic furniture and recycled metal art.‚Äč

Light Fittings and Lamps.

Our lights are often one off unique pieces. Most are made from recycled materials that didn't begin its life as a light, but now have a total new lease of life. Our fully qualified electrician wires all of the fittings to current standards, so our lights not only look great but come with piece of mind knowing they are safe as well as functional.

Table Lamp.

This steam punk style lamp, made from vintage tractor parts, could make a great students desk lamp,or... $170

Vintage Train Lantern.

A great little light with loads of character.

Brass and Copper Standard Lamp.

This vintage brass and copper bike pump now has a new life as a quirky lamp. Included is a 60 watt feature globe. $300

'46 Bedford Truck grill.

Make a real statement with this beauty! This light fitting has come off an original 1946 Bedford truck and has been wired by a qualified electrician to take 240 volt globes

Vintage Lantern.

We are always putting out unique and eye catching lights and lanterns. Contact us to find out what new lights are coming in. $130

Fire Extinguisher Standard Lamp.

Made from copper and brass in the 1950's, this lamp has the option of to shade or not to shade?

Squirrel Cage globe.

A low wattage feature globe, great for mood or area lighting.

Its a Red One!

We also stock original painted fire extinguisher standard lamps. They come fitted with a low wattage squirrel cage globe,which is a great feature on its own.

Table Lamp.

This is a genuine antique vintage driving lamp which has been converted into a stunning table lamp.

50's Pinball Score board.

These score boards were a rare find! They make a real statement where ever they are.

The hand painted prints are real works of early pop art?!

They look great turned on or off.

Signal Lamp.

A hand held vintage railway signal lantern now makes a great table lamp.

Tripod Lamp

Headlight Lamp.

3 Lamps.