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         Made in the Country

Quality handmade rustic furniture and recycled metal art.‚Äč


We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or email for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Cart Rocker.

This rocker is one of our unique designs,using all recycled materials. Comfy and cool, a real conversation starter!

Plough Wheel Bench Seat.

Areal rustic piece for the garden. Featuring heavy steel wheels from a vintage plough.

Giddy Up!

This is our rocking horse minus the horse!! This funky chair is fun and attractive. Great for all ages and has a very ergo dynamic design.

Rocking Chair

This beauty is a mix of parts from horse drawn vehicles. A unique design, it is not only interesting and fun to look at but is comfy to sit in as well!

Table for 10!

This table was made to order. We worked together with the customer to achieve the exact colours to compliment the area where it now lives.

Vintage industrial style table.

This table has a laminated, recycled Oregon top and old steel wheels to easily move.

Burl Table.

The colour and character in this burl table is amazing and only added to it by the antique pulley wheel base.

Red Gum Burl.

A coffee table with a red gum burl top.

An old favorite.

An old singer sewing machine(possibly 1910-1920) with a merbu top. A great table for inside and out.

Red Gum table.

Made from old bridge timber and the legs are neck pieces from an old yoke. $175

Slab coffee table.

With a laminated, iron bark slab top and mortice and tenon joints on the legs. This is a great rustic piece.

Wagon Wheel Bench Seat

Made from genuine vintage wheels and red gum.

Acacia slab bench seat.

This comfortable seat boasts a 1.5m long by 420mm slab of golden acacia timber. The legs and back rest are made from old stringy bark poles.

Plough Bench Seat

This bench seat is made from the frame of an old plough and merbu planks. It comfortably seats 2 people,"comfortably".

Red Gum Post Bench Seat

This 1.4m long bench seat has an amazing rich red colour from being exposed to generations of storms and weather.$180

2.2m Slab bench seat.

This sturdy bench seat began life as a slab in a bark and slab hut.Possible iron bark, this seat is good for both inside and out.

1930's style bench seats.

Remember these? They are made from recycled hardwood pallets. Approximately 2ms long and 420mm high. (Accessorize with a matching footstool?!)$120

A "Vege" Block.

Not only the butchers have a block, but the veges can have one too. This block has a beautiful black wood slab on top and is made from recycled hardwood pallets. It also comes complete with 2 vintage grape bins to store your veges in! $250

Bench Seat.

Possible an iron bark fence post slab bench seat, with a fantastic petina from exposure to years of weather and livestock.1.1m long. $160

Bench Seat,stool, table?

Another fence post making a great little bench.$90

Rustic slab bench seats.

We have a wide range of styles in both stools and bench seats.

Red Gum Stool

This cute little stool is made from a recycled gum sleeper and old bridge bolts. $65

Chalk Boards.

Great for the kitchen, kids room or shed.

Hat and Coat racks.

We stock a lot of racks made from recycled sleepers, fence posts, old bridge spikes and railway spikes.

Wall Shelves.

These shelves were made for a coffee shop in the area.

Coat Rack for one.

This is made from an old horse shoe off a clydes dale.$50

Red Gum Coat Rack.

These racks are made from recycled red gum,giving the timber fantastic character. $65

'46 Bedford, riveted truck rim fire pit.

These make a great entertaining center piece.

BBQ Fire Pit.

This has a been a very popular model of our truck rim fire pits. The cooking "plate swivels for temperature control and access to your fire. And when you've finished cooking it can be removed to enjoy the fire. A great idea for camping or the backyard?

Deer cut out.

Also available are our fire pits with cut outs to further your fire side enjoyment. Custom cut outs made to order.,..

Tractor Seats.

Genuine tractor seats which swivel!

Round Table.

Table for two!

These 2 for 2 were made to order for a local coffee shop.

Large Table.

Made from recycled oregon and a host of old horse drawn machinery parts.

Large Chalk Boards.

Made to your size requirements.

Yellow box Bench Seat.

Tractor Seat Bar Stool.

Fire Wood Box.

Ash Bench Seat.

Bike Seat Stool.

Student Desk.

Swivel Eazy Chair.

Coffee Table.

Piano Stool.

Weather Station.

Made from fallow deer antlers and red gum, this weather station comes with a german made barometer and thermometer.

Small fire wood Store

With a diameter of 90cm, this store holds plenty of fire wood and also makes a great decorator piece.

Large fire wood Store

Standing at almost 1.5 meters, this large store not only holds plenty of wood, but also has room for kindling or whatever else you need to keep tidy.